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Days: 5
CCIE Routing and Switching Foundation Lab Boot Camp
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CCIE Routing and Switching Foundation Lab Schedule:
07/16/12 - 07/20/12 Las Vegas, NV
08/13/12 - 08/17/12 Las Vegas, NV
10/08/12 - 10/12/12 Las Vegas, NV
12/17/12 - 12/21/12 Las Vegas, NV

CCIE Routing and Switching Foundation Lab Boot Camp

SPECIAL: $2,495.00 (until 03/15/12)
5 day Instructor-led CCIE RS Foundation Lab Boot Camp
CCIE RS Technology Lab Workbook for Version 4.0
10 Sessions CCIE RS Rack Time


This instructor led Routing and Switching technology course is offered by CCBOOTCAMP and is designed specifically to prepare students to begin studying for the CCIE RS lab exam. This training is only one part of CCBOOTCAMP's CCIE RS Lab preparation. The foundation course focuses on the core concepts of the CCIE Routing and Switching lab exam; this is not an advanced lab course, focus is on building a solid foundation of the core topics listed on the CCIE RS Lab Exam Blueprint.


CCIE Routing and Switching Foundation Lab Pre-Requisites

Students should be passed a CCNP level and have completed their CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam. If not, attend the CCIE RS Written Boot Camp.


Students should have a basic understanding of all of the CCIE Routing and Switching Lab technologies listed on the CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Blueprint. If not, is it recommended to attend CCNP.

CCIE Routing and Switching Recommendations

Read through CCBOOTCAMP's Approach and Methodoloy for CCIE RS.


Students should look through the labs in the CCIE Routing and Switching Technology Lab Workbook.

CCIE Routing and Switching Foundation Lab Course Description

• Certified instructor: CCIE RS.

• Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, (five days instructor-led training).

• 60% Hands On 40% Lecture.

• Technology labs will be completed.


• Student receives dedicated instructor mentoring to ensure all concepts are completely understood.

• Knowledge and hands on experience related to both configuring and troubleshooting covered: Frame Relay, Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series Switch core configuration tasks, Interior gateway protocols (IGPs): Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), and Routing Information Protocol version 2 (RIPv2), Route redistribution, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), MPLS Layer 3 VPN’s, IP multicast, Router and Cisco Catalyst quality of service (QoS).

• Each student has their own rack. The CCIE Lab Exam is not a team effort, so your preparation should not be either!

• Access is provided to the classroom racks 24 hours a day.

• Courseware and rack hardware have been updated to reflect the current content of the CCIE RS Lab Exam Version 4.0. Our courseware and labs are updated after every class based on the feedback from previous classes.

• Intense and extremely fast paced CCIE RS lab training only recommended for the serious CCIE RS candidate that plans to take the lab exam within three to six months after finishing this course.

• We do not just "throw" labs at students and tell them to "have at it." Instructor presents lecture and works with students to complete applicable technology focused labs. Instructor works closely with students to make sure the material is understood and best ways to approach the solutions to the lab questions presented.

• Free soda, water, juice, coffee, tea, snacks, bagels, and chips, are provided.

• On-site training available for organizations that have multiple students.

Financing is available.

CCIE Routing and Switching Recertification Requirements

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