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Days: 5
CCIE Routing and Switching Advanced Lab Boot Camp
Prepare for:
CCIE Routing and Switching Advanced Lab Schedule:
07/23/12 - 07/27/12 Las Vegas, NV
08/20/12 - 08/24/12 Richardson, TX
09/17/12 - 09/21/12 Las Vegas, NV
10/22/12 - 10/26/12 Las Vegas, NV
11/26/12 - 11/30/12 Las Vegas, NV

CCIE Routing and Switching Advanced Lab Boot Camp

CCBOOTCAMP's CCIE RS Advanced Lab Boot Camp is designed specifically to bring student and instructor together to assess, diagnosis, and grow student’s advanced level CCIE RS knowledge. Completed in a group setting over the course of five days the instructor will determine individual student’s strengths and weaknesses and will create an individualized learning plan based on assessment.


Students are required to bring any and all prior assessments, workbooks, and materials to the boot camp which the student believes he/she is having difficulties with. The instructor will determine which materials will or will not be used during this collaboration.


If the student is comfortable with all the CCIE RS materials, CCBOOTCAMP recommends attending the CCIE RS Mock Lab Boot Camp.

CCIE Routing and Switching Advanced Lab Pre-Requisites

Students must have passed the CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam.


Students should have a solid understanding of all of the CCIE Routing and Switching Lab technologies listed on the CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Blueprint. If you require knowledge and skills at the CCNP level please attend CCNP or CCIE RS Foundation Lab Boot Camp.


Students should be able to complete the labs in the CCIE Routing and Switching Advanced Lab Workbook Volume 1without looking at the answers or explanations.

CCIE Routing and Switching Recommendations

Read through CCBOOTCAMP's Approach and Methodology for CCIE RS.


It is recommended that you schedule your CCIE RS Lab Exam prior to attending.

Students should take their CCIE RS Lab Exam within two weeks of attending the CCIE RS Advanced Lab Boot Camp and CCIE RS Mock Lab Boot Camp, or as your instructor determines a timeframe for you.

CCIE Routing and Switching Advanced Lab Course Description

• Certified instructor: CCIE RS.

• Monday - Thursday, 9:00 AM to approximately 8:00 PM, Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Due to the nature of the CCIE RS Advanced Lab Boot Camp the sessions will last as long or as short as needed to cover all technologies that are determined by the instructor to be weak areas. Students are encourage to work as late as possible to ensure all learning gaps are covered. On Friday class will end at 5:00 PM to accomodate travel arrangements. (If needed students may utilize facility equipment as early as 7:00 AM onsite).

Hands On versus Lecture Time will be determined by the instructor each day.

• Student receives dedicated instructor interaction to ensure all concepts are completely understood. Students will be Assessed, Diagnoised, and will get the tools to Grow their CCIE RS Lab knowledge.

• Learn what you need to know to take and pass the CCIE RS Lab Exam. No topic is off limit (with the exception of breaking NDA of course). Instructors are highly skilled engineeers with relevant CCIE real world and lab experience. Learn from those that have been there before you. Collaborate with the highly competent.


• Structured approach to individualized learning to bring out the best in your ability.


• Each student has their own rack. The CCIE Lab Exam is not a team effort, so your preparation should not be either!

• Access is provided to the classroom racks 24 hours a day.

• Boot Camp is only recommended for the serious CCIE RS candidate that plans to take the lab exam within two - four weeks.

• Free soda, water, juice, coffee, tea, snacks, bagels, and chips, are provided.

• On-site training available for organizations that have multiple students.

• Student may attend the CCIE RS Foundation Lab Boot Camp or CCIE RS Mock Lab Boot Camp in addition to the CCIE RS Advanced Lab Boot Camp.

Financing is available.

CCIE Routing and Switching Recertification Requirements

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