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FirePOWER 6.1 Advanced Administration Class

Please call 1-877-654-2243 for pricing and schedule.


  • Technical understanding of TCP/IP networking and basic networking

  • Routing and Switching understanding not needed, but helpful for foundation

  • Some familiarity with the concepts of Intrusion Preventions Systems (IPS), but not required.

  • Course Description

  • Receive your own pod for FOUR Days! No sharing of pods!

  • Become a Firepower Advanced administrator!

  • 25 Intense Hands-on labs with detailed instructions!

  • Learn with high end equipment and the latest 6.1 code!

  • Experience the new Firepower Threat Defense (FTD)

  • Includes Firepower Study Guide

  • Class is Online or private only.

    Course Objectives

    Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand Sourcefire, FirePOWER, FireSIGHT, and FireAMP

  • Install FirePOWER on a Cisco ASA

  • Install and Configure the FirePOWER (SFR) Services Modules and the FireSIGHT Management Center (FMC)

  • Raise your confidence managing the FireSIGHT Manager

  • Describe the Cisco and Sourcefire systems infrastucture

  • Navigate the user interface and administrative features of the CIsco FirePOWER and Sourcefire systems, including reporting functionality to properly assess threats

  • Describe how to deploy and manage Cisco ASA and Sourcefire appliances

  • Describe the role Network Discovery (FireSIGHT) technologhy plays in the Cisco and Sourcefire systems

  • Describe, create, and implement objects for use in Access Control policies

  • Describe advanced policy configuration and Sourcefire system configuration options

  • Configure File Policies to find and stop Malware

  • Configure policies to find and stop Ransomware

  • Understand how to fine tune IPS policies

  • Understand how to fine tune Snort Preprocessor policies

  • Configure Correlation events, white rules, traffic profiles, and create respective events and remediate them

  • Analyze events

  • Create reporting templates and schedule them

  • Set up external authentication for users using LDAP, AD, and the Sourcefire User Agent (SFUA)

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