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Length: 12 Weeks
CCIE RS Courses:

CCIE RS Foundation Lab Boot Camp
CCIE RS Advanced Lab Boot Camp

CCIE RS Mock Lab Boot Camp

CCIE RS Lab Exam:
CCIE RS Lab Exam (taken at a Cisco Campus)
CCIE Executive RS Schedule:
TBA 2017
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CCIE Executive Routing and Switching - Online

You must have passed the CCIE RS Written Exam prior to the start of this course. If you have not see CCIE RS Written Boot Camp for class dates. Online options for the CCIE RS Written are available.


CCBOOTCAMP is pleased to offer our world-renowned CCIE course in a new, exciting and flexible format. Our Executive CCIE Program consists of twelve (12) weeks of instructor-led online interactive training with one of our certified industry experts. This new program format is designed to assist students in obtaining their CCIE certification over a prolonged, flexible, yet structured period of time without having to be away from work/life commitments for multiple weeks at a time, all at a reasonable price.

CCIE Executive RS Pre-Requisites

  • Must have passed the CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam.
  • Must be able to schedule and attempt the CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam within one to two weeks following the Executive CCIE Routing and Switching Online Program.
  • Review CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam Blueprint.

    CCIE Executive RS Course Summary

    The CCBOOTCAMP Executive CCIE Online Program is offered exclusively to candidates who desire to obtain their CCIE certification, but who do not have a block of time available to attend one or more CCIE lab boot camps to prepare to attempt the lab exam. Our Executive CCIE Program is custom designed to encompass all aspects of preparation for taking the practical lab exam in a revolutionary new "executive" format designed for those with challenging or unique work/life time constraints. This program is limited to a maximum of ten (10) students per class.

    CCIE Executive RS Course Description

    The Executive CCIE Program format will include, at a minimum, two live lecture sessions per week for twelve consecutive weeks. Rack access will be available to each student from 12:00 PM (Noon) until 12:00 AM (Pacific Time) for weekday classes, and from 6:00 AM until 6:00 PM (Pacific Time) during the weekend portion. Students will be given homework after each class meeting and required to complete their assigned tasks before the commencement of the following class session.


    CCBOOTCAMP conducts all Executive CCIE Online Program sessions remotely using our online classroom with the exception of one weekend, during which students are invited to visit CCBOOTCAMP's world class facility in Las Vegas, Nevada for a series of instructor-led mock lab sessions. On-site attendance is recommended, but not required, for the mock lab sessions.


    The Executive CCIE Online Program covers all content normally offered in the following boot camps:


    CCIE Routing and Switching Foundation Lab Boot Camp

    CCIE Routing and Switching Advanced Lab Boot Camp

    Course includes:


  • CCIE RS Technology Lab Workbook.

  • CCIE RS Advanced Lab Workbook Volume 1 (5 practice labs).

  • IPv6 Lab Workbook.

  • Two (2) extra rack sessions per week to complete homework assignments.

  • Rack access during online class sessions.

  • Over sixty (60) hours of total lecture.

  • Over five-hundred (500) hours of total rack access time (including online class session time).

  • Learn on the most advanced equipment in the industry. You get your own equipment to work with. No gear sharing!

  • Two days of on-site training at CCBOOTCAMP's Las Vegas, Nevada facility.

  • One-on-one instructor assistance.

  • Access to a dedicated forum for Q&A with the instructor outside of normal class hours.

  • Access to an online classroom during class hours.

  • Two weeks access of recorded online classroom lectures (all classroom lectures will be recorded).

  • All workbooks, practice labs, and other materials that will be used for this class.

  • Please call 1.877.654.2243 (toll-free) to find out more about the special incentives for qualified students.

    CCIE RS Recertification Requirements

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