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Unique Capabilities

From day one, CCBOOTCAMP has focused on building partnerships.  We are both proud and humbled to admit that many of our client relationships have developed into lasting partnerships.  We credit our focus on developing and retaining the best people, offering the latest equipment and delivering the most unique capabilities in the industry for our continued success.
We strive to build a relationship of collaboration, service and ROI that will endure throughout the life of your network.  By keeping our people focused on current Cisco equipment, training and issues, we are able to concentrate all of our combined efforts and expertise on the issues that matter most to our customer’s network applications.  Thanks to our loyal customers and talented team of experts, we continue to offer unique capabilities to all of our partners.

Engineering Prowess

What makes CCBOOTCAMP different from all other Cisco resellers?  Our people do.  We provide a deeper bench of engineering talent to our clients than any other partner in the networked world.
Our people are second to none when it comes to technical expertise, problem solving and networking savvy.  Our team of CCIEs and other Cisco certified professionals combine to provide an intellectual centrifuge not seen few places outside of the Cisco main campus.  When our people collaborate on a networking issue, there is nothing that can outwit them.  They are truly the secret to our success and what drives our clients to incorporate our consulting services into their long-term network planning.
Because of our unique Cisco-focused reseller and certification training business model, we are able to rotate our CCIEs between the classroom and field environments.  This experience allows our engineers to grow, expand and share their expert-level internetworking knowledge on the bleeding edge of real world, practical networking applications and issues.  Our team brings all of this knowledge and expertise to your network.
Through ten solid years of business growth, our team has yet to encounter an issue that we have not been able to resolve or create a workable solution for.  We know of no other Cisco reseller who employs and offers this level and depth of knowledge on their partner field service team.  Our people truly set us apart.

Design, Testing and Troubleshooting

Through our plethora of premise equipment and in-house engineering talent, we are able to offer a host of services that others simply cannot match.  We are able to design entire network architectures from scratch and run initial tests on new equipment in-house, all before installing anything on the customer premise.  Additionally, we can troubleshoot any existing or hypothetical customer issues in real-time simulations by mimicking exact configurations and coding in our controlled lab environment.
With sixty-plus racks full of all the latest Cisco gear focused on routing and switching, security, Voice over IP, service provider and various other specific applications and configurations, we can handle any need or issue that may arise on a Cisco powered network.  We are constantly updating and expanding our equipment racks, so as the needs of our customers grow, so do our racks.  We truly offer end-to-end business class network solutions.
Whether you are looking for someone to design a network from scratch, to troubleshoot issues plaguing your current configuration, or to build out your existing infrastructure, CCBOOTCMAP is your one-stop shop for end-to-end business class network solutions.

Your Partner in Networking

We offer unique, custom built packages to provide all the gear, consulting services, and training for your engineers you need, all from one source.  We believe the more your people know about your network, the better we can all support your network, saving you valuable time and resources.  It is yet another unique service we offer our clients that enables us to truly become your partner in networking.

Cisco Certified Reseller

As a Cisco-focused enterprise, we maintain the following official Cisco channel certifications:

Cisco Premier Partner
Cisco SMB Select
Cisco VPN/Security Specialized Partner
Cisco Routing/Switching Specialized Partner
Cisco IP Communications Specialized Partner

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