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Cisco Voice: Resetting UC to Factory Defaults


January 18, 2010

By Jeff Ratchford, CCNA, CCNP, CCVP, CCSI# 21763

For a pdf of this article: Resetting UC520 to Factory Defaults


The Cisco UC520 can be set to the factory supplied defaults using either the Cisco Configuration Assistant or the CLI. This article
discusses the use of the CLI to perform the reset.

The reset of the device involves first resetting the Cisco Unity Express configuration and then resetting the UC520. We address
the CUE module first.

After connecting to the UC520 CLI,

Open a session to the CUE module using the command "service-module Integrated-Service-Engine 0/0 session" (Hit
“enter” twice to get a prompt).

Put the unit offline by typing "offline".

You will be prompted with "Are you sure you want to go offline[n]?". Enter “y”.

Enter "restore factory default".

Enter "y" when you prompted with "Do you wish to continue[n]?"

Press any key when prompted "Press any key to reload:"

This reset can take several (5-10) minutes. Wait until the CUE message “SYSTEM ONLINE” is displayed before proceeding, then
exit the CUE by entering “exit”.

To reset the UC520 you need to locate the default config file UC520-8U-4FXO-K9-factory.cfg in flash.

Copy the default config to the start-up config using the following command: “copy flash:UC520-8U-4FXO-K9-factory-
4.2.4.cfg startup-config”

You will be prompted "Destination filename [startup-config]?" Hit enter to confirm.

Once the file is copied and the CUE comes back online, enter “reload” to restart the UC520. After it boots, it will be in the
factory default mode. This can take several minutes (10).




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