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IPv6 Lab Guide

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Downloadable Sample

IPv6 Lab Guide


IPv6 Lab Guide PRINTED BOOK - $120.00

IPv6 Lab Guide EBOOK*, (24 Hour Print Option) - $120.00

This book contains :
• Over 60 practice labs, which will give you detailed hands on practice labs to tackle every aspect of IPv6 for your CCIE lab. The labs range from basic to advanced. Each answer also includes actual router configurations and detailed step-by-step answers with explanations to guide you, to ensure you arrive at the same solution.
• Explanations on the basics of IPv6 and walk-throughs including simple step-by-step explanations on the theory behind IPv6.
• Explanations on IPv6 packets, ICMPv6 packets, and all the steps to install an IPv6 utility on an XP workstation.
• Detailed explanation of IPv6 routing - RIPv6, OSPFv3, and BGPv4 for IPv6.
• How to build and deploy IPv6 tunnels using - manual, gre, and 6to4 tunnels.
• Explanations on all IPv6 addressing architecture. This book gives, examples of how to easily convert mac addresses, or IPv4 addresses, to IPv6 addresses. It also explains global, site-local, and link-local addressing.
• Labs written using 12.4T IOS and constant topologies to ensure that you receive the latest configuration.

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• 10 Cisco 2811s running 12.4T
• 4 Cisco Catalyst 3560s running EMI code
• Frame-relay switch
• Terminal Server

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